T-Pain joins the choir: Hallelujah Chorus

Posted on November 12, 2010


Like any good artist, T-Pain is always looking toward the future. He knows that even if it isn’t entirely dead yet, his signature Autotune vocal sound will eventually become yesterday’s news. And when that day comes, he wants to be ready.

“I know people are already starting to get sick of it, but the Autotune sound is part of who T-Pain is,” T-Pain said. “So I’m trying to explore whether or not T-Pain’s dope sound can cross over to the classical world on top of them dead white guy’s joints.”

So with his Autotune mic in hand, T-Pain went out in search of an adult classical chorus that would be willing to collabo with him. And even though he had classical music’s three strikes against him before he could even do so much as audition (young/black/rapper who can’t read music), there was one visionary music director in the U.S. that was willing to give him a chance (however, he/she is currently asking that his/her identity be kept a secret because he/she fears “great persecution from the classical music community for this collaboration”).

After some artistic wrangling about what their first collaboration together should be, T-Pain and the “music director who shall not be named” ultimately decided on something familiar and appropriate for the holiday season: Handel’s Messiah. At T-Pain’s request, I was given exclusive access to their first rehearsal with orchestra and chorus and was permitted to record them rehearsing the Hallelujah Chorus with my iPhone.

“Put that joint out there on Youtube for T-Pain so he can know if peoples be diggin’ this

s—,” T-Pain said.

“Yesssir!” Travis said.