About Authentic Cadence

If as humans and artists we want to be heard, we must first learn to listen. Thank you for wanting to hear a little more about me.

An Authentic Cadence is a blog written by me, Travis Branam. (And for the record, if you’re a classical music dork, this blog started before NPR’s “Deceptive Cadence.” So…neener neener neener.) I’m an Assistant Conductor and Technical Coordinator for the Colorado Children’s Chorale in Denver, Colorado. I’m also the kid rapping in that video up there. Sure I’m a classical musician, but most days classical music isn’t what you’ll find on my iPod. Because life is more than classical music, this blog features my reflections on life right along side my “apologies” for all kinds of music, and stories about my successes and failures as I learn to love my musical neighbors in other musical genres in Denver (especially in Colorado hip-hop).

I dream of a world where classical musicians don’t think that their music is superior to everyone else’s. Where rock lovers, country music fans and hip-hop heads can find things in The Repertoire of classical music that they love and enjoy. But that kind of music enjoyment is only surface level. Now I want to take it to the next level: the place where we not only connect to the music being made, but to the local artists who make the music that speaks to us.

I no longer dream about a Musical Spring of classical music appreciation among the masses. That’s selfish. That’s unartistic. Now, I dream about community. About fellowship. About artists from all mediums, genres and backgrounds in Denver and everywhere else having mutual admiration for each other, a genuine respect for each other and a willingness to support each other however they can WITHOUT EXCEPTION. I’m currently deconstructing everything I’ve ever learned about how I view music, art and artists as a classical musician in hopes of rebuilding a framework for experiencing music and its makers in my community that is inclusive, just, fair and loving. My dreams no longer strive to put the cart before the horse. Before a Musical Spring can be sprung among the masses, I must first allow it to Spring in me.

Follow this blog and join me learning to listen to those around you in your community. Let’s walk together.

-Travis, aka @musicapologist (on Twitter)

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  1. Your Casa trip notes are amazing. Capturing some of the true moments of what Casa is about. LOVE!


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